Our History

Born from a great family passion, albatros Srl is projected in the transport and logistics world, combining the professionalism and reputation of the historical partners to a qualified staff of young workers.
The Undisputed professionalism of our Agency’s staff, has allowed us to accumulate over the years a wide experiencing all areas of maritime cluster.
Applying, over the years, in some specific sectors of maritime transportand consultancy , albatros srl became leader in the field of Ro/ro-pax traffic, yachting, cruises and the assistance to platform supply vessel and assistance onshore and at sea for Oil & Gas and Submarine Works.

Our First Love…

The port of Brindisi has always been at the center of trade with the Mediterranean sea
It is one of the most important commercial and industrial seaports on the Adriatic Sea. The trade is mostly in coal, fuel oil, natural gas, and chemicals. The port consists of three parts:
The Outer Harbour: the limits of which are in the southern mainland, east of the Pedagne islands and west of the island from the pier in Costa
The port is formed by the average area of sea that is before the Pigonati Channel, access to the inner harbor, the basin to the north as the Strait of Apulia.
The inner harbor is formed by two long wings that touch the heart of Brindisi both the north and east, they are the “bosom of the west” and “within the east.”

Port Details

Water location: Adriatic Sea (Sea)
Anchorage depth: 20.1m – 21.3m
Cargo pier depth: 7.1m – 9.1m
Oil terminal depth: 6.4m – 7.6m
Dry dock: Medium
Harbor size: Large
Railway size: Medium
Harbor type: Coastal Breakwater
Max size: Over 500 feet in length
Repairs: Limited